10 tips to rent a minibus

10 tips to rent a minibus:

  1. The car is NEW. The mileage of a small car must be no more than 50 000 km, and a diesel minibus not more than 100 000 km. It gives a guarantee that you will not break, somewhere in “kukuevo”
  2. Full insurance of Casco and CTP. Insurance will allow you not to worry about the various possible troubles that can happen on the ROAD. For example, the cost of Mikroaavtobusa Mercedes is more than 3 million rubles. Casco will protect your Responsibility.
  3. Mileage limit. Read the contract carefully. What are the restrictions on Mileage. For example, cars Delimobil for 2000 rubles a day you can drive no more than 70km, and then 7 rubles Kilometer.
  4. Condition at acceptance and at delivery of the car. Take a picture of the car before renting, it will allow you to protect when renting Cars.
  5. Washer and full Tank. Usually the car is rented out clean and with a full tank. Back it is also given with a full tank and Clean. Some companies take big fines for a dirty car and for not fuel TANK.
  6. Deposit. The bail is taken by the company to cover its risks, if the tenant get a fine, it will come to the Landlord’s address. also, the costs of washing, refueling and other defects are often subtracted from the Collateral.
  7. In the event of an Accident. You need to call the traffic police and fill in all the necessary documents on the CASCO and CTP policy, so that insurance companies can cover the Damage. Be sure to identify the culprit of the accident or take a certificate that the culprit is not installed.
  8. Security. If you are going somewhere with friends or family, do not neglect the safety and do not save on it. Health is above All. Do not drink Alcohol. Carefully drive the car into the ice, fog and SNOW. Install child seats and restraint Devices. By the way, they are free of charge.
  9. Comfort. For distant trips are better suitable comfortable minibuses, which have a climate control and lay back Seats.
  10. Do not leave things in the car. Thieves often smash the glass at the car and take from there things, mobile phones, Documents.

This is a tricky price criterion.

Remember that the price cannot be too low. If it is low, consider whether everything is OK with the car.  There are many Scams. Sometimes you ask for a prepayment or a deposit.

Here are more tips when renting a minibus. The renter bears high costs for car maintenance:

  • Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Leasing or credit
  • Payment for advertising
  • Wage
  • Depreciation calculation
  • Parking

We hope these tips when renting a minibus will make the service pleasant, and the trip Safe.

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