Van rental without a driver Moscow

Rent a minivan 8 seats without a driver in Moscow

We offer you to rent a comfortable minibus Mercedes Benz Vito. The car is suitable for the following needs:

  • Business
  • A trip to Russia by a large family or company on the sea or in the mountains
  • At the wedding


The car has 8 seats, including the Driver. The vehicle has the following parameters and Equipment:

  • Driving licence “B”
  • Number of passenger seats-7
  • Automatic transmission
  • Comfortable leather seats with adjustable backrest
  • Fuel Consumption: 6 l/100 km on the track and 8 l/100 km in the city
  • Climate control
  • Full Drive
  • Navigation
  • Parking and rear view camera
  • Noise and premium audio system

The cost of rent from 6500 rubles per day (100 USD).

Rates, rubles per day:

  • 1-2 Days-11 000 rubles (169 USD)
  • 3-5 Days-9 000 rubles (138 USD)
  • 6-9 Days-8 000 rubles (123 USD)
  • 10-13 days-7 500 rubles (115 USD)
  • 14-20 Days-7 000 rubles (108 USD)
  • 21-29 days-6 700 Rubles (103 USD)
  • Rent more than a month-6 500 rubles per day (100 USD).

Mercedes Benz Vito


Side view



Driver’s seat

Recommendations and Testimonials

Comfort is the most optimal choice in terms of price and quality. The minibus is ideal for long trips in RUSSIA. You can rent it and go with your family or with friends on Vacation. The bus accommodates 8 people, including one driver. The bus is also convenient for business trips around the city and out of Town.

The bus has two zone climate control, the backrest seats recline. Extra seats are folded in the form of Tables. The powerful engine allows you to ride comfortably with an average speed of 100-130 km/h. Automatic transmission, full drive, noise isolation, navigation, parking and rear view Camera.

Mercedes Vito

Mercedes Vito - Обзор