The first time I rented a minibus

The case was in the summer. It was necessary to go on vacation and for the Wedding. The first time I rented a minibus

friends, I am a big family father and I have five Children. Once we wanted to go on vacation with the whole family.

In our family car only 5 places, on it we do not go all family.  And my family is 7 people, not counting grandmothers, grandfathers and Nannies.

We decided to find out whether it is possible to rent a small minibus for 7-8 persons for a week to go to krasnodar.

The wife at first did not like the idea, as on the internet all minibuses were either old or very expensive. Somehow I found a fairly fresh Mercedes Benz Vito 2015 Release. The car was what you needed. Its price was 8000 rubles per day. Comparing the cost of tickets to Krasnodar 42 000 rubles plus the cost of taxis, buses, etc. And the cost of renting a bus was 48 000 (for 6 Days) plus the cost of diesel fuel came 8 000 rubles.  The cost was Comparable. But we decided to go by bus.

On the internet I was looking for “renting a minibus without a driver for a trip”.

At first the bus seemed great, but after a while my wife and I used to manage it. It turned out to be very different from a light car. At the same time very pleased with the high landing and powerful diesel ENGINE.

The kids were very cheerful and comfortable in the bus. Once we stopped at the gas station to dine and it Rained. We put the kids under the tailgate so they don’t get rained and janitor.  It was very cool.

On the way there, at night I crashed into a wheel that strewn on the track. The bus weighs almost 3 tons and the wheel easily flew away from its bumper. Luckily no one felt anything and it did not affect the appearance of the Bus.

In Krasnodar we were invited to a wedding, our grandmother was placed on the bus, as there were only 8 places, and we were Seven.

To drive a minibus on the highway seems easier than a regular sedan. High landing provides a good overview and no blinding headlights, powerful diesel engine easily provides comfortable driving at a speed of 110-150 km/h.

On the way back there was heavy rain. The ride was heavier, but we changed and drove fast enough and without any adventures.

Total we drove about 3000 km. It was a comfortable and comfortable trip.

By the way, a lot of luggage is placed on the Bus.

Have a good rest!

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