Travel around the island of Sri Lanka. Book a minibus for rent without a driver

The story of my journey through Sri Lanka on a minibus for rent without a driver

Four years ago I went on a trip to Sri Lanka with my family and two young Children. We did not take the tour, but organized everything by reading articles on the Internet. The route was simple to travel around the entire island and return to the airport in 14 days.
It was supposed that we would spend the night in local small houses and hotels 1 or 2 Nights.
I booked the hotels for the 3 first Nights. I also booked a Mercedes minibus for rent for the Trip.
The plane flew longer than planned, we waited a long time for a transplant in Dubai and made a stopover in the Maldives. No one was allowed out of the plane, though I wanted to go out and see. The landing strip was the size of a with a small island.
Unfortunately at the airport of Sri Lanka we flew late at night and the company that we had to rent a minibus for lease long ago left the Airport. Our hotel was about 100 km AWAY.
We took a taxi and went to look for the night private, who rent minibuses for rent without a driver. unfortunately, we could not find a minibus. The only thing was this old Nissan Micro with a vending machine. Got him. I persuaded to bring a driver who will ride us around the island, but I Refused. I didn’t want to spend a vacation with someone else.

Minibus management on the road with left traffic

The movement in Sri Lanka left, but this is not the Worst. The road is narrow and on it night people go, scooters, minibuses, elephants and carried at breakneck speed buses-kings of the local roads, which need to give way, pressing to the Roadside.
These 100 km we drove the hour 3! Average speed of kilometers 30. It is very difficult to go and not accustomed to this mode. On the way we met sleeping in the field of wild Elephants. They were like huge lumps standing along the Road.

Finally we Arrived. The car, i’ll tell you, was Terrified.  Nissan did not pull at all, gorged gasoline liters 15 per 100 and the air conditioner had to turn off to go Uphill.


House in Kollonialnom style

A difficult trip at night compensated a magnificent guest house in colonial Style.


Lankci were delighted with our Children. They looked at the white children as a miracle and played with Them. We were brought a breakfast: tea and toast with butter and Jam. In Sri lanka, This breakfast was served every day.

Minibus ride without a safari roof

The next day we went on a Safari.

There we were put in an equipped open-air minibus. started at about 5am. First we saw a small group of wild Elephants. Moving On. The safari was like a rugged terrain with small bushes, trees, steppe, grass and Little dirty ponds. In ponds lay logs, looking better, logs were crocodiles. There were many Crocodiles. It was not very desirable to approach the POND.

The main goal was to see the Leopard. We traveled the hour and searched for it in the Bushes and Streets. When suddenly I saw a monkey behind us away on the ROAD. Turns out it was a Leopard. Other tourists know him better. The second time the leopard could not see. Although we have been circling around for half an hour.

Then we went to the embankment of the Ocean. In 2000 there was a small village where a group of Japanese tourists Lived. The whole village was washed away by the tsunami, all Died. There are several foundation plates from the Houses. The experience was Creepy.


Serpentine and tea plantations

The next day we went to the mountains to watch the tea plantations. It was hard to serpentine Nissan in the Mountains. I thought he was going to fall apart Somewhere. Arriving at the tea plantations, we enjoyed the views of mountains, fog and tea Bushes. This is the coolest place on the island and here Lankcy ride to relax from the Heat. It is interesting that we go to bask, and they scorching.

Tea Prices

We bought 5 kilos of black tea on the Plantations.


In the evening we stayed in a small hotel. The hotel had a lot of europeans. Also enjoyed the view of the City. The picture will not be able to convey, everything was very unusual and I peered in detail trying to understand what is here and what is There.

Town in Moutains


Then we drove through the island with long roads and roque to the rock sigiriya, on which stands the Fortress. I really wanted to climb this mountain, but the children are tired and capricious, with them it would be impossible to go there. There was nothing to do, let’s go further. The next stop was in the northwest of the town of Trikomoli. Here we finally drove to the Ocean. Found a small hotel from One-storey Houses. The beach was deserted, the sand is White. In this place were visible military and fences with barbed wire. Like here when the internal conflict in Sri Lanka with fighting has Ended.

Market Place

White sand and deserted beaches

Nearby was an island where there were a lot of divers. I wanted to go there, but my son started sore throat and fever. We went to the Doctor. The doctor prescribed antibiotics Pills. The next day the sore throat slept.

Peopleless Beach

On the beach, I hunted for crabs. They climbs from the holes when I was in the Water. I ran out of water and beatinged them with my hand. They ran very quickly and hid in their deep burrows of sand. The inverted crab lost a second, and I could catch it. I was also trying to dig a hole, but mostly they were very deep. Though one crab me to pull out still succeeded.

Sun Set

A local resident saw my crab saying they’re not there. I believed Him.

Childen on Beach

Fish in Trikomoli

The next day we went to the town of Trikomoli in the morning to the fish market. There we chose freshly tuna. On the way back we stopped at the best fish restaurant. In the restaurant on Ice lay sea reptiles: shrimps, octopuses, clams. I typed myself and asked to Cook. Everything was Delicious. Then I asked for Tea. I was waiting for Black Ceylon tea in the kettle, but I was brought a small cup of Lipton in a Bag. I was Disappointed. In Sri Lanka everywhere drink Lipton in sachets and even in expensive good restaurant. Apparently they appreciate it.


Arriving at the hotel, we asked to cook a tuna, the chef from the hotel quickly prepared it with vegetables, taking with us a symbolic fee.

The next day we were on the Beach. I watched a local man caress some kind of network on the Knee. Rinsing her for about half an hour he pulled a net full of Fish. The fish is about as big as our pike Perch. I was very surprised.


I asked if he could cook it for us, and he Agreed. The fish was Awesome. I must say that nowhere I have eaten fish as tasty as in Sri Lanka.

Nice Hotel

In a couple of days we went south. Looking for a hotel for a village. suddenly, across the road came a huge monitor. He crossed the road and fled into the Grass. Monitor was the size of a crocodile, we have not seen such huge. I didn’t think there were any. Maybe they can be dangerous. But then I was told that wild elephants along the roads are the most dangerous. They can turn the car and kill the man in Anger. Every year so dies 2-3 People.

Reaching to the hotel by the coast we did not like it very much. I thought it was a barn. We looked around and saw another complex with a pool, which is a rarity for these places. The hotel had expensive cars and a Mercedes Minibus. We went to ask if there were rooms and price. The prices here are pleasantly surprised. They were the same as in the neighboring Barn. There was a comfortable swimming pool where you could swim with the kids, a great fish restaurant by the beach that worked in the evenings. We spent about 4 days Here. Under the bridge that led to the shore lived a small monitor and rummaging along a small river.

Minibus for surfing

Then we went to our next last Point. They promised to surf. Check in at the small hotel. The weather first was Cool. But the next day rebound. The shore was Rocky. I swam a little further so as not to beat the cliffs to Dive. There were inverse currents, once I got into it. The water began to carry me away from the shore, and I swam across the tide along the shore and the flow brought me back to the Shore. These currents are very dangerous if you don’t know how to React. Swim to the shore is useless, you need to Oplyvat Them. Here I ripped a couple of coconuts from a palm tree and decided to break them down about the cliff. For an hour I hollowed coconut about the rock and something like ripped the first layer of green Crust. The hard part of the NUT is Easy. But the green was like a ball. Then I realized that I was carried away and seemed a little burnt in the Sun. I haven’t tried surfing here. But I tried fried octopus in a huge skillet. Chewed it all evening.

Rent a minibus back

It’s time to go to the airport, we were led by a navigator on a new high-speed road. This is a rarity here. We passed the car and drove to the Airport.

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