Terms of rent

Terms of Rent:

  • The mileage limit is 350 km per day. Then 5 rubles (8 cents) for each additional kilometer.
  • Automobiles are insured – full damage.
  • New cars with a mileage of less than 50 000 km.

Driver Requirements:

Driving experience more than 3 Years. Age from 25 Years.

Car return requirement:

The car is issued clean and filled. The car is returned also clean and filled. In case of non-compliance with the following conditions:

  • Car Wash Fee 2000 rubles
  • Charge for filling the car 50 rubles per liter of diesel fuel plus 500 rubles.
  • Pets and smoking is stricktly prohibited – fine 20 000 rubles (350 USD).

The following documents are required for renting:

  • Category B Driving Licence
  • Passport
  • Organization Card (if The registration is for a legal entity)
  • 100% prepayment for the term of Rent.
  • Pledge 25 000 Rubles.

Free of Charge:

  • Baby car seats up to 3 Pieces.
  • Navigator

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